Southern Forestry


Woodland Management

Our parent company Southern Forestry can offer a comprehensive management service to woodland owners and investors. Southern Forestry specialise in the management of large or small woodlands. With over 40 years expertise in the industry our professional knowledge in woodland management enables us to make woodlands capable of providing a viable product, whether the objectives be timber production, game, recreation and amenity or multifunctional.

We offer services including:

  • Woodland management plans
  • Woodland Improvement Grant applications
  • Timber marketing
  • FSC Certification advice
  • Forest Mensuration
  • Mapping
  • Valuations
  • Tax advice

Southern Forestry carry out all aspects of silviculture including:

  • Planting
  • Weeding and herbicide application
  • Cleaning
  • Brashing
  • Thinning and felling

All of our staff are fully qualified and certificated.

Tree Planting Schemes

New woodland creation requires careful consideration and planning. Our experience of local and national grant aid schemes enable us to help you plan new woodlands or hedgerows and maximise the financial benefits that are available.

We offer a complete woodland creation service including:

  • Advice, planning and administration on all aspects of Forestry Commission Woodland Grant Scheme applications
  • Hedgerow creation or enrichment
  • Field corner planting
  • Shelter belt creation
  • Spinneys and game coverts
  • Large scale forest planting

We currently plant in excess of 30,000 trees each year for land owners, local authorities, wildlife trusts and on former landfill sites.


With the growing awareness and need for nature conservation, Southern Forestry will advise and execute woodland schemes with the local and wider environment in mind. Our working relationships with local wildlife and special interest groups enable us to advise and implement best working practice in order to improve or enhance the conservation value of new or existing woodland areas.


When creating new woodland in the countryside the correct balance of planning is required to achieve the acceptable landscape setting. Southern Forestry can plan and advise on the correct choice of tree species for the locality.

Ancient Woodland

Southern Forestry have a number of years experience in the management of Ancient and Ancient Semi-natural woodland sites. We can advise and implement working programmes for the conservation of such sites or individual veteran specimens. Southern Forestry can carry out veteran tree surveys to log, measure and photograph individual trees, woodlands or parklands.

Sporting and Recreation

As members of the Game Conservancy we will give up to date advice to obtain the most out of your farm and woodland with regard to game rearing, maximising shooting facilities and in the planning of new habitat such as pond construction. Southern Forestry can so plan woodlands for the various recreational facilities available for the woodland owner such as mountain biking and paintballing.

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