East Swindon woodland management project

Swindon Borough Council - Woodland management programme

Cotswold Tree Surgeons undertook large scale woodland management works for Swindon Borough Council and the Great Western Community Forest. These operations include the thinning of urban woodland blocks, pollarding and the felling of some non-native and nuisance trees close to roads and paths.

Project aims and timescale

A number of woodland blocks exist in the south-east Swindon area, many of which have had little or no management since their planting in the 1970's and 80's. The aim of this ongoing project is to thin these woodlands, remove unwanted or dangerous trees and to improve their biodiversity.

Firewood was extracted for use in local markets, but a proportion of the felled trees were left within the woodlands to enhance their environmental and ecological value.

The project was spread over three years, and started in April 2012 in the Shaftesbury Lakes, Liden and Eldene areas. In the following years woodlands in the Croft and Coate areas undewent similar management.

Local benefits

During the project local communities, including schools and volunteer groups were invited into the woodlands to see the work in action and to learn more about the benefits of their management.

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