Tree Planting

Woodland creation

At Southern Forestry we are able to offer you the complete service with regard to tree planting. As a company we have planted in excess of 1.5 million trees over the years at a range of sites across the south of England - from the smallest field corner to large woodland creation.

We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through your requirements and offer you the best and most up to date advice. Whether your woodlands are for wildlife, sporting or recreation purposes, or even a mixture of all, we can deliver you a woodland to suit your needs.

Woodland creation

We are able to offer the latest advice and guidance on which woodland creation grants are open to you to help fund your project. We have implemented many woodland planting projects and can help you maximise the available grant funding from the Forestry Commission English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS), and also from other sources such as local wildlife trusts.

We have good working relationships with our local Forestry Commission woodland officers as well as other important national and local wildlife and rural bodies.

Species choice and tree protection

We also offer an advisory service with regard to the right species choice for your woodlands with particular regard to site conditions and final crop requirements.

We also have extensive knowledge of tree protection and the damage that may be caused to your trees by browsing animals. This knowledge enables us to offer you the most effective and lowest cost solutions to problems, so that your trees are able to quickly establish.

Maintenance and Establishment

Southern Forestry are also able to offer the best in site aftercare. We have fully qualified staff to provide chemical weed control, and we also have a range of equipment enabling us to offer other methods of weed and grass management.



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