Large tree planting


Specimen trees

Newly planted trees may take years to have an impact if they are small when planted. On occasion it is necessary, or desireable, to plant trees of a size where they will make an instant impact such as:

  • replacement of dead, dying or dangerous trees, especially if protected by Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
  • mitigation planting on development sites, following tree removal
  • parkland settings

Species choice

We can advise on species selection for individual sites with regard to soil conditions, ultimate tree size and aesthetic issues such as flowering and autumn colour. We use the best tree growers in the country to source the highest quality trees.

Tree stock

We use only the leading tree nurseries as suppliers, enabling us to obtain the best and widest species selections. We can supply trees in all specifications such as bare rooted, potted or rootballed - and will advise you on the most suitable for your, or the sites needs.


Obviously large trees need adequate aftercare to ensure that your investment will survive and grow into the mature specimen that you require. Newly planted trees have certain requirements, especially in their earlier life - adequate water, sunlight and stability. Using our extensive experience and knowledge we are able to tailor an aftercare programme to suit the needs of the tree.

All of our plantings will be adequately staked or supported to allow the tree to grow in an upright position until such time as the tree is able to stabilise itself. We keep ourselves up to date with all of the latest market products available to us with regard to new tree support and so are able to offer a range of ideas to suit - from a basic tree stake to underground anchoring systems.

Perhaps most importantly we can advise on and implement the necessary irrigation systems to ensure that your tree receives the water that it requires especially during drought periods.



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