Your tree stump


Digging or grinding?

The first decision to make is whether your tree stump may be dug out or will require grinding.Obviously the larger the stump, the less likely it is that it may be dug out. However, the digging out of stumps can be expensive, and cause more damage to the gardens.

Stump Grinding is an effective way of removing stumps - without too much inconvenience, and the grindings that are created during the process make an ideal wood mulch for use around your garden or to fill your compost bin.

Stump Grinder access

Cotswold Tree Surgeons have different sized machines for differing needs, but most importantly we will require adequate access. Our smaller grinder will need an access width of 28 inches - which is usually a couple of inches smaller than the average garden gate, however our larger machine, although having a wider working width, can be adjusted to enable access through a gateway or opening of 32 inches. Other obstacles may also impede access, such as raised flower beds, but these may be overcome with the use of ramps. It is always best for us to assess the access prior to advising - so give us a call.

Of course if there are no restrictions to the access - then there is no problem!

A stump free garden

Once a stump has been removed then your garden is ready for whatever you may be planning. Whether you are going to returf or seed part of a lawn, plant a flower bed or indeed replace the removed tree - then stump grinding will allow you to enjoy your stump free garden!

Give us a call

We have many years experience in stump removal and pride ourselves in being able cater for all of your stump removal needs. Our friendly and fully trained staff will be happy to advise you in order to provide you with the most cost effective and benficial service with regard to you individual requirements.



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